Let's Build Something Great

Westin Capital is a private investment firm which owns and operates various businesses within the consumer packaged goods space. At Westin Capital, we are committed to bringing only the best products to market. One of our core strengths is recognizing an opportunity and being able to strengthen and improve upon it. For over 60 years, Westin has owned and operated various food-related businesses throughout the United States and Europe. We partner with owners and entrepreneurs to grow brands and maximize the value of the business. We are privately owned and believe in long-term value creation.

Acquisition Criteria

  • Consumer Packaged Goods Business' 
  • No start-ups
  • Proprietary products or manufacturing process that creates differentiation
  • Revenues ranging form $1M-$100M
  • EBITDA ranging from $500K-$10M
  • Strong margins - Both Gross Profit and EBITDA
  • Business operates in a growth category   

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